Karls Tech GmbH works together with company within the freight and logistics industry to improve performance with help of highly efficient wearable barcoding system. Our wearable ring scanners, glove scanners, portable scanners and smart data terminals provide hands-free solutions for routine operation with a much improved efficiency.





Successful inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan that will ensure that items are available when they are needed and keeping track of existing inventory and its use. It should be also integrated into the existing selling system and to allow the creation of summary for financial check and tax report. A general inventory management system with auto ID technology is available, dedicated for supermarket, storage and retailing shops, which can be used to make plans for sales forecasts, reporting to financial bureau and making strategy.

  • Windows/Web-Browser based server (SQL database)
  • Android based client(e.g. smartphone)
  • Free definition of number of clients
  • Configurable voice interaction (e.g. repeat, delay, etc.)
  • Quick connection between client and barcode scanner or RFID reader
  • Secure data transmission between server and client




When a detector is triggered by a fire scene, fire alarming signal is sent immediately to the system controller followed by executing a series of predefined procedures, such as giving off sound and light alarm, closing doors, shutting down fire dampers and ventilation valve and so on. With smart AutoID system, it is possible to manage and to do regularly testing on stand-alone facilities





The smart devices such as wearable, portable scanners, mobile printers from Karls Tech can be used together with mobile carts for picking and sorting application. With dedicated APPs, the setup provide an efficient way for warehouse, logistics industry.







Mobile label or POS printers can be used together with wearable or portable barcode scanners and wearable data terminals such as mobile phone, tablet or industrial PDA, etc., to provide mobile labeling, marker or paper handling solution. The term “movable sorting, picking or marking station” refers to a well-equipped worker carrying wearable or portable devices to perform label or receipt printing, article sorting and order picking on-sites, wherever in a warehouse or a field. It is therefore not necessary to collect all articles to a fixed stand for handling, improving significantly the working efficiency.

From labor-intensive assembling production line to fully automated environments, Karls Tech provides the solutions to help reduce errors and significantly increase productivity in your plant, warehouse, logistics and field operations.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Check In Check Out

Low costs of production and high levels of demand make illicit cigarettes one of the world’s most trafficked illegal goods. By May 2019, every business involved in the tobacco supply chain is requested to transform the way they track and report on products. The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) sets new expectations for how the supply chain tackles issues of public health and illegal tobacco products.

Keeping track of architectural glass is tricky because most panes of glass look nearly identical to others, finding just the right piece can be laborious and time-consuming. Barcoding systems let the manufacturer uniquely identify each sheet by materials, size, or other key information without having to measure the individual sheet when moving or shipping it.