Charging with Effon Bluetooth Adapter BFP1

The Effon barcode scanners NS01, NS02 and EF02 can communicate directly with a PC via Bluetooth HID, or SPP modes, however, if the adapter BFP1 is used, the pairing of Bluetooth can be made much easier, distance and stability of communication can be extended.

BFP1 talks to Effon scanners only via Bluetooth SPP mode, while it talks to PC via either HID mode or virtual serial port mode.

BFP1 can be used individually, however, up to 6 BFP1 modules can be serially connected to form a multiple-port charging dockstation

One BFP1 can pair with 5 EF02 ring scanners via Bluetooth at the same time.

User manual for BFP1, 188Kb, download


Two Models:

BFP1: charging and adapter; BFP2: only for charging