On-site Sorting and Labeling with Mobile Printers

Advantages of mobile printers

Mobile label or POS printers can be used together with wearable or portable barcode scanners and wearable data terminals such as mobile phone, tablet or industrial PDA, etc., to provide mobile labeling, marker or paper handling solution. The term "movable sorting, picking or marking station" refers to a well-equipped worker carrying wearable or portable devices to perform label or receipt printing, article sorting and order picking on-sites, wherever in a warehouse or a field. It is therefore not necessary to collect all articles to a fixed stand for handling, improving significantly the working efficiency.

Mobile printers print in direct thermal mode and therefore do not need any print ribbons. The compact devices can easily be kept at hand or can be mounted on forklifts or industrial vehicles. Choose one of our flexible mobile label printers at and exceptional cost-performance ratio. 

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  From manufacturing operations to industrial warehouses, from logistic transport to field service, with our experience of many years Karls Tech provides mobile, wireless, on-demand label and receipt reading and printing solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications: fast-identifying and barcode tracking solutions, high-volume label printing; light-duty stickers; super-harsh environment labels; paper invoices, tickets, and receipts; and shipping labels. Whatever your industrial need, our mobile labeling and printing options are perfect to support lean or just-in-time industrial practices.

  High performance and efficiency of a logistic system relies on the application of novel IT technology. Our wearable on-site sorting, picking, labeling and recording by using wearable printers and scanners can help you to improve significantly working efficiencies.


  • Manufacturing, Distribution & Supply Chain (process labelling, product labelling, compliance labelling, shipping labelling etc)
  • Food & Beverage (product labelling, receipt printing etc)
  • Hospitality (events wristbands, leisure centre visitor management wristbands, queue busting applications etc)
  • Retail (pricing labelling, shelf-edge labelling etc)
  • Healthcare (patient wristband, blood bag labelling, pharmacy and specimen labelling etc)
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