Instruction for Mobile Bluetooth printers

Rego Printers
Milestone (MHT) Printers

Mobile printers are used for all tasks in which your receipts or labels are printed directly on site. Label printing can take place wherever you need it – in warehousing and logistics areas, for patient receiving in hospitals, in laboratories, in shopping stores or in field servie. Mobile printers print in direct thermal mode and therefore do not need any printing ribbons. The compact design makes it easy to carry or mount on forklifts or vehicles. Used together with mobile data terminal and/or mobile barcode scanners, we provide a smart mobile solution for improving efficiency in order-picking and sorting application. 

For working in wireless Bluetooth mode, the setting of printers are distinguished depending on operating system.


Android OS

Mobile printers are usually used with Android mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc) via Bluetooth communication. In this case the printers must be paired first with mobile devices via Bluetooth with a password 1234 or 0000. It is recommended to load and install SDK.  The manual for using SDK can be found under the extracted file und SDK folders.

  • REGO_Android_Print SDK (zipped file, 24MB) for system integration. The SDK supports all Rego printers: MLP58, MTP58, MLP80 and P80.
  • MHT SDK file, SDK_P58F (zipped file, 71MB). The SDK supports all MHT printers: MHT-80F, MHT-58F.

Mlabel is a free demo platform based on Android OS for mobile printer printing, MLabel2.5.5-foreign.apk (APK file, 28.8 MB). It can be installed on Android devices and support definition/printing of labels of any forms.


Windows OS

Instruction for MHT Bluetooth printer under Windows 10, pdf file, 183 KB, download

  • MHT Label printer driver for window 10.exe, 13.3 MB,  download
  • MHT Receipt printer driver for window 10.exe, 2.8 MB, download


Instruction for installing Rego Bluetooth printer under Windows 10, pdf file 191 KB, download

  • Rego printer driver:  Windows Driver (zipped file, 3.4 MB)
  • Rego printer Windows SDK (zipped file, 15.6MB). The manual for SDK can be found under the extracted SDK folders.
  • Demo for installing Rego printer via bluetooth on Win10, pdf file, 1.9MB, download


COM port testing tool (exe file, 478KB) for testing the COM port and printer.