How to Connect a Hyco Scanner

The Hyco Barcode scanners W26, W28 or W28LD can be used with data terminal such as mobile phone, PC, or tablet for data acquisition. The communication is done via W2X dockstation or wireless Bluetooth (BT). Before to use, the Hyco ring scanners must be charged with dockstation W2X, which is enclosed in the package.

  • For working with a PC it is recommended to use adapter W2X. The W2X is used also as a charger for scanners. To set up the connection with the PC, scan sequently the COMMON code and the barcode posted on side of W2X sequently. More details can be found in the manual.
  • To set up a BT connection, you must switch on Bluetooth function first on data terminal. The BT connection for Hyco scanners can be set in HID or BLE protocol. The HID BT is directly set up by scaning the barcodes provided in the brochure, iOS, Android, or Windows, depending on the operating system in data terminals. The BLE BT is a more sophisticated mode, which needs the SDK from Hyco to be integrated into the customer's own APP. The SDK file, instruction,  and a demo APP for Android can be downloaded here.