MK2 Glove Scanner


Generalscan MK2 glove accessory


Bluetooth Profiles: HID, SPP and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

A glove with the feature of easy-to-clean and many-time-clean

The Generalscan MK2 glove is easy-to-clean mostly due to the easily washable and can be frequently washed microfiber material, which contributes more on improving the hygiene and preventing the spread of germs. Workers always have a clean glove even if this set of scanner is in all-day, every-day use.

Comfortable microfiber glove

The glove of MK2 made of microfiber, which is soft but not easy to deform, and is scratch resistant with high tensile strength. Working in harsh environments is no longer a problem.

Integrated Generalscan Scanners

  • R1521
  • R3521
  • R5520, R5522, R5524

Standard Package

  •  barcode scanner, microfiber glove with built-in trigger, USB cable, user guide

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