Fire Equipment Inspection and Asset Maintenance

Smart AutoID systems

When a detector is triggered by a fire scene, fire alarming signal is sent immediately to the system controller followed by executing a series of predefined procedures, such as giving off sound and light alarm, closing doors, shutting down fire dampers and ventilation valve and so on.

With smart AutoID system, it is possible to manage and to do regularly testing on stand-alone facilities

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Fire Protection Data (FPD) Management System is used for regular testing, certificating and archiving fire protection facilities in airports, supermarkets and in large complexes, etc. The technology is on a mini-barcode scanner and mobile device based solution and data management system which features an intuitive user interface with flexible device categories, custom generated barcodes, and standardized report generation.

Facility and property data management carries the critical responsibility for overseeing all of the entity’s physical assets and developing a plan to make the most efficient use of those assets. It’s a challenging, yet critical role – and one that can be simplified with AutoID technology. The management system in combination with AutoID technology provide a vast amount of information such as identifying numbers, locations, history data, et al.

The best way to identify equipment is by the use of asset identification tags bearing an unique identifier in barcode format. These tags are inexpensive, easy to read, easy to apply, and will not be damaged with normal wear and tear.

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