How to Connect a Scanner via Bluetooth

Barcode scanners can be used with data terminal such as mobile phone, PC, or tablet for data acquisition. The communication is via Bluetooth (BT). To set up a BT connection, one must enable the Bluetooth function first on the data terminal. The BT can be set in SPP, HID or BLE protocol (for R5000 series). The choice of protocol is made by scanning setting barcodes with scanners. All information on setting barcodes for selecting BT modes and setting format can be found in brochure which is enclosed in the package of products

  • HID: Human Interface Device Profile
  • SPP: Serial Port Profile
  • BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy

Instruction Manual for bluetooth pairing, pdf file, 5.64MB, download


HID Mode (Android OS, iOS, Windows)



  1. Reset barcode scanner to factory default setting if necessary (Default Factory Setting), set BT mode (Bluetooth Output Mode), set HID Mode (Bluetooth HID mode ) by stepwise scanning the barcode sequences shown in Fig.1. Once the HID mode is triggered, the blue light of GS scanner flashes, waiting for pairing.
  2. Enable the BT under setting panel of the data terminal and search for available BT devices, wait until the name GS-BarcodeScanner BT4.0 (default) shows up (Fig.2).
  3. Click the GS scanner on the list, wait for pairing. The pairing is made automatically. The blue light stops blinking when the pairing is finished.
  4. If the pairing has been set once, at the next time when the devices are powered on, the BT pairing will be made automatically.
  5. After the pairing of BT is set, the scanned data of barcodes can be entered to a text field when a cursor is highlighted on the data terminal.


SPP Mode (only available for Android OS)





  1. To demonstrate bluetooth at SPP mode, it is recommended to download and install MData APP on data terminal.
  2. Reset scanner, set bluetooth output and bluetooth SPP mode by scanning the barcodes from top to bottom as shown in Fig.3.
  3. Start up MData on the data terminal, set Input-Method to "MData" to go to the interface shown in Fig.4.
  4. Click "Connect Scanner" to go to the next screen (Fig.5) . Click "Bluetooth Scanner". In the next screen, make sure the BT is enabled and click button "Go Select".
  5. If the scanner is still searching for pairing, the name of the scanner will be displayed on the list of BT devices. Select the scanner and enter a password "1234" in the prompted window.  If the connection is successful, a button "Next Step" will be activated.
  6. In next screen, you can test the scanner under SPP mode. Please note that the blue light in scanner will not flash if the BT is connected.

BLE Mode

The BLE mode of bluetooth is applicable for Android and iOS. It can be also demonstrated with the procedures similar to that of SPP mode (with MData.apk). Please note that only R5000 series scanners are compatible with BT4.0 and therefore can be used at BLE mode. The BLE for GS scanners can be also tested with APP developed by Ekkes.

  • Ekkes BTLE example, available from Google Play Store