Effon Glove Accessories

Application Note

Gloves of Effon are used with NS02 (1D/2D) or MS3392 (2D) barcode scanners to make wearable glove scanners. The combination provides a professional wearable solution for barcode scanning, which can be used for quick tracking and identifying in picking and sorting operation. The hands-free solution offers a quick and simple way to improve working efficiency. In practice the glove scanners are normally used with a data terminal (mobile phone, tablet, or a stationary PC). The communication is via Bluetooth.


  • Type of Glove Scanner: GS02, PS02, MS02 and KS02
  • Integrated Scanner: NS02 (GS02, PS02, MS02), MS3392 (KS02)
  • Glove Material: Leather, Microfiber
  • Glove Model: 02  Right hand (default), 01 Left hand

Glove  for Glove Scanner

  • DG01, 02 - GS01, 02
  • PG01, 02 - PS01, 02
  • MG01, 02 - MS01, 02
  • KG01, 02 - KS01, 02


DG02 for GS02 Scanner
MG02 for MS02 Scanner
PG02 for PS02 Scanner
KG02 for KS02 Scanner

Glove Scanners

GS02 Scanner
MS02 Scanner
PS02 Scanner
KS02 Scanner