Picking-by-Voice in Laundry Management

Even though RFID provides much more efficient and automated tracking, legacy barcode solutions are still used in uniform and laundry management systems such as in hotels for uniform and linen inventory management as well as in commercial dry cleaner facilities.

Barcode solutions are a great choice for low volume low cost deployments for smaller entities, mainly because of the low hardware costs. The barcode labels are typically less costly than RFID tags and barcode scanners are cheaper than RFID readers.

Wearable barcode Solution

In a conventional way, the barcode attached to a garment or item is manually scanned with a handheld or mounted barcode scanner. The high human handling factor is mainly due to nature of the garments, as the barcodes are usually attached somewhere inside the uniform, as well as due to the fabric being draped and folded during processing.

In this case the handling of garments and scanning must be done in an interactive manner. With wearable barcode system in combination with voice functional reminders, the efficiency of sorting can be much improved.

Ring barcode scanner is used with a smart watch

Ring barcode scanner W28

Hardware Options


  • Windows/Web-Browser based server (SQL database)
  • Android based client(e.g. smartphone)
  • Free definition of number of clients
  • Configurable voice interaction (e.g. repeat, delay, etc.)
  • Quick connection between client and barcode scanner or RFID reader
  • Secure data transmission between server and client


  • Improved working efficiency with mobile data collection
  • Reduced working intensity with ergonomic devices
  • Multi-Language display and voice by interaction
  • Multi-Data Media (e.g. 1D & 2D Barcode, UHF RFID Tag)
  • Simple user interface for operation
  • Easy configuration on both server and client sides
  • Good system scalability

Picking in Warehouse with Smart Watch & Ring Barcode Scanner