Karls Tech

  • Company profile brochure, pdf file, 3.24 MB, download
  • Smart Picking Cart KT3000 brochure, pdf file, 167 KB, download
  • Solution in laundry management, pdf file, 393KB, download
  • Brochure for Inventory Star 2, pdf file, 163 KB, download
  • Brochure for movable solutions using mobile printers, pdf file, 354KB, download
  • Pick and Pick Manual v1.0, pdf file, 334KB, download
  • APP on Android mobile phone Mdata (a demo APP showing data acquisition using GS and Postech scanners under bluetooth SPP mode), 6.18Mb, download


  • Keyboard 2.0 for Android, zipped file, 9.15MB, download
  • Instruction manual for bluetooth pairing, pdf file, 5.64MB, download
  • APP for bluetooth pairing and barcode scanning demo on Android mobile devices, MData.apk, 6.29Mb, download
  • Code 128 and interleaved setting barcodes, word file, 155 KB, download
  • SDK for iOS, zipped file, 646 KB, download
  • GS SDK API introduction, pdf file, 690 KB, download


  • KT40 SDK doc, zipped file, 18.6 MB, download
  • KT80 Quick Guide, pdf format, 1.3 Mb, download


  • AutoID9 user manual, pad fiel, 4.78MB, download
  • AutoID9 quick guide, pdf file, 1.40 MB, download
  • AutoID Pad Intro, pdf file, 2.66 MB, download


  • REGO_Android_Print SDK, zipped file, 24.8 MB, download
  • Windows Driver, zipped file, 3.4 MB, download
  • Windows SDK, zipped file, 15.6 MB, download
  • REGO Thermal Printer Technical Manual, pdf file, 1.94 MB, download
  • COM port testing tool, exe file, 478KB, download

MHT Printers

  • Mlabel, Android SDK for label printering, 29.5 MB, download


  • Postech User Manual, pdf file, 1.11 MB, download
  • Postech glove scanner specification manual, pdf file, 733 KB, download