R5522  Medium Range 2D-Ring Scanner


  • With Dual-core Hardware PL5000 Decoder, it can decode in record time
  • High identification on damaged, poorly printed and low contrast barcodes or in poor lighting
  • Rugged internal structure owe to aluminium alloy frame protecting PCBA
  • Robust external structure with enhanced hardness of body and imager window
  • Versatile wearable options-wear on finger, with glove or lanyard as you like
  • Replaceable battery capacities to greatly improve work efficiency
  • Updated removable trigger
  • New function, NFC, tag to pair


  • Bluetooth 4.0 HID, SPP, BLE Modes
  • USB HID, SPP Master, VCP Modes
  • Offline Mode / Support storage 5000 EAN-13 barcodes
  • 2D CMOS Sensor (Zebra SE4750MR), up to 6 meter scan range
  • Swappable Battery
  • Swappable Trigger
  • 600mAh Battery Capacity
  • NFC
  • Weight: 40.7g (scanner body)
  • LED, Beeper, Vibration
  • Supports all 1D & 2D barcode types
  • Can scan from Computer, Mobile Phone and Tablet scree
Ring scanner with changable battery
Changable triggering holder
Modular design: switch to a portable scanner by replacing with a thumbutton

Standard Package

  • R5522 scanner, type C-USB cable, yellow nylon hook, user guide

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