Bluetooth Dongle for GS Scanners

GS D100BT-PLUS User Guide

With bluetooth dongle (adaptor) D100BT(or D100BT-Plus) it is possible to extend the working distance of bluetooth from 10m to 30m. It also makes data transfer faster and more stable.


Step 1: Connect D100BT-PLUS adapter to PC via USB, then use the scanner to scan the
the barcodes posted on the adapter. The scanner’s blue light flashes at a rate of three fast and one slow.

Step 2: Use the scanner to scan the MAC address bar code on the front of
D100BT (as shown in the figure). After waiting for three seconds, the blue light
state of the scanner and D100BT-PLUS disappears and the pairing is successful.
Can output data on the PC side

Clear pairing: Press and hold the middle white button for 2 seconds. When you see the green light
flashing once and the blue light continues to flash, the pairing is successfully cleared.