Smart Wearable Barcode and Labeling Solutions

Order-Picking, Sorting, Tracking and Labeling Application in Warehouse, Logistics, Retails, Manufactures and Field Service.

Hands-free Solution Based on Wearable/Portable Barcode Scanners, Mobile Printers and Smart Data Terminals

Forklift Drivers Use Long-range Ring Scanners and Tablet for Pallet Picking, Packing and Tracking to Improve Working Efficiency and Flexibility in Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Handling

Ring Scanners Combining Future-Proof Software Provide Solutions in Manufacturing Assembling Line to Track Parts in Real-Time

Using Glove-type Scanners, Smart Watch and Combining Future-Proof Software Solutions in Glass Fabricating Industry to Track Glass Panes

The barcoded glass passes over a stationary barcode scanner as workers place it into a container. When the scanner detects each barcode, the Android based APP pairs each with the identity of the tag on the cart. This allows floor-workers to know both the location of the glass and the real-time, physical coordinates of the cart carrying it.

Custom-made Large-display Smart Watch as Dataterminal used with Wearable Scanner via Bluetooth

Light-weighted Wearable Ring Scanner WT26 (20g) and Industry-class Smart Watch W562 were used for Picking and Sorting

Order Picking Technology

Custom-made APPs Based on Android or Windows OS

Picking-by-Voice with wearable scanner and data terminal are used in warehouse for picking and sorting with remarks to boost efficiency and reduce human error.