Smart Picking/Sorting Cart with Mobile Devices

Smart devices such as wearable and portable barcode scanners, mobile printers and displaying unit (mobile phone or tablet) from Karls Tech can be used together with logistics vehicles for picking and sorting application. In combination with dedicated warehouse management system, the setup provide a more efficient way for ware handling in warehouse, logistics management.


  • Multiple-layer sorting and picking cart with containers of various sizes
  • Orientated at warehouse, logistics, field service, and astronomy
  • Smart devices:  portable or wearable barcode scanners, mobile label printer, etc.
  • Displaying unit: smart mobile phone or tablet (optional) as data terminal. 
  • Status displaying unit: N1 tower light of three colors
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Holders for modular mounting
  • High capacity power bank for power supply for smart devices (optional)
  • Management system (optional)

Hardware Options

Software for picking and sorting based on barcode scaning and Windows devices

Pick and Pick Manual v1.0, pdf file, 335KB, download

Hangable mini scanner MS3392 or MS3391

Mobile label printer MHT-80F or MHT-58F