Hands-free Solution with Wearable Barcode Devices

Wearable ring scanners, glove scanners, portable scanners & smart data terminals

Karls Tech works together with company within the freight and logistics industry to improve performance with help of highly efficient wearable barcoding devices. The wearable ring barcode scanners, glove scanners, portable scanners and smart data terminals provide hands-free solutions for routine operation with a much improved efficiency.

Used together with advanced management system, we can ensure that your company benefit from the most reliable, state-of-the-art technology. A personal service is available that makes sense for your company.

Wearable barcode scanners are used with wearable data terminal (mobile phone or smart watch) for picking and sorting

Ring scanners used with a desktop PC and Bluetooth adapter providing hands-free solution for picking and sorting

Effective Web Development Solutions

Wearable glove scanners are used with smart watch for identifying and tracking

Wearable and portable scanners used in packing station of warehouse

Hardware Options

APPs based on Android Mobiles

The wearable scanners are used together with mobile phones or stationary data terminal. The communication is implemented via Bluetooth in HID, SPP or BLE modes. The interactive APPs running on data terminals take charge of inbound or outbound management and data are transferred on-live to database in server via WiFi.