N1 LED Tower Light

Tower Light

The Jiujia-N1 LED tower light is controlled and powered via USB interface. It can display three colors and can make sounds for status indicating and alarming. The controlling of lighting and alarming can be programmed by simply sending ASCII command strings from a desktop PC or Laptop to the light using RS-232C protocol.


  • Brand Name: Jiujia N1
  • Connect directly to PC via USB interface for communication, no external power supply required;
  • Bright bulbs with long life LED technology, tower body 90 degree foldable;
  • Three color displaying: red, yellow, green; Two buzzer and lighting modes: continuous, flashing;
  • Total power: 2W
  • Sound intensity: 85dB
  • Supply power: DC 5V
  • Total weight: 0.22 Kg
  • Material: ABS + Aluminum
  • Length of USB cable: 1.35m
  • Mounting: disk-shaped base fixed with screws (L-shaped base optional)
  • CE certificate