Charging Dockstation for GS Scanners

Key Specification

  • Brand Name: Generalscan GC1000, MC5000 or GC135,
  • Multiple Slot Charging Docktation for GS Barcode Scanner Series
  • Certificate: CE, RHoS


  • GC1000: 4-slot Charging Dockstation for Ring Scanners R1000BT, R1000BT-Pro, R1500BT


  • GC135: 8-slot Charging Dockstation for Companion Scanners M100BT and M500BT


  • MC5000: 4-slot Wireless Charging Dockstation for Ring Scanners R5000BT, R5000BT-MR
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MC5000, 4-slot wireless charging dockstation for R5000BTOpen in WP EditorTRANSPARENT SEPARATOR