W26/W28 Ring Scanner

Key Specification

  • Brand name: Hyco compact ring barcode scanner
    • W26: 1D laser barcode scanner
    • W28:  2D imager barcode scanner
    • W28LD: 2D imager barcode scanner for long distance
  • Compact: only 20 g (without strap)
  • Bluetooth: BT4.2, BLE
  • Support iOS, Android und Windows, driver is not required
  • Ultra low power consumption, 200 mAh @ 3.7 V battery, operation time: >8 hours (W28); >13 hours (W26)
  • Charging: 1-slot dockstation W2X or 10-slot dockstion C20 (can be also used as bluetooth adapters)
  • Inductive scan triggering
  • Ring straps: 10 pieces of 5 different sizes
  • Beep/Vibration
  • LED indicator in red, green and blue: indicating scanning and BT connection status 
  • IP66, waterproof design
  • Drop test: 3m
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to 50 ° C
  • Certification: CE, RHoS
W26/W28 ring scanners used with Hyco smart watch W562/W563
W28 reads QR codes on handy
W2X is charged with dockstation/adapter W2X

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