Wearable Glove Scanner in Glass Fabricating Industry for Tracking

For high mobile workflows and intensive order picking or sorting that require frequent barcode scanning, the gun-shaped scanner and handheld industrial PDA may not be the best choice. Workers can lose 5 seconds every time when they pick up, scan, and set down a handheld scanner. In these cases the wearable barcode scanners such as ring-type, glove-type or glass-type scanners used together with wearable data terminal can play an important role to improve efficiency.

The GS02 series glove scanners from Karls Tech provide professional solution for wearable barcode scanning and article tracking in intensive order-picking under extreme working conditions. The glove scanner are rugged and ergonomic, yet lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to operate.

In glass fabricating industry each glass being cut into pieces needs to be tracked. The glove scanner provides an efficient way for 1D or 2D barcode scanning in glass cutting workflow, while providing a protection for workers by wearing gloves

GS02 is a series of design of glove scanners by combining gloves with high-performance mini barcode scanners, and used together with a stationary or a wearable mobile data terminal with Bluetooth communication.

GS02MGolve BM01 + MS3392 2D companion mini scanner, charged with USB cable
GS02FGolve BM02 + FS02P 2D scanner, charged with magnetic adsorption USB cable, and BFP1/BFP2 dockstation
GS02PPalm-type glove BM03 + FS02P scanner, charged with magnetic adsorption USB cable, and BFP1/BFP2 dockstation.
Three models of glove scanner featured with two type of gloves and two type of mini scanners