Picking by Voice in Laundry Management


  • Windows/Web-Browser based server (SQL Database)
  • Android based client(e.g. smartphone)
  • Free definition of number of clients
  • Configurable voice interaction (e.g. Repeat, Delay, etc.)
  • Quick connection between client and barcode scanner or RFID reader
  • Secure data transmission between server and client

Hardware Options

  • M100BT, M500BT, R1000BT, R1500BT or R5000BT Barcode Scanner
  • Mobile UHF RFID Reader/Writer (840 ~ 960MHz, ISO 18000-6C)


  • Improved working efficiency with mobile data collection
  • Reduced working intensity with ergonomic devices
  • Multi-Language display and voice by interaction
  • Multi-Data Media (e.g. 1D & 2D Barcode, UHF RFID Tag)
  • Simple user interface for operation
  • Easy configuration on both server and client sides
  • Good system scalability