Smart Picking Cart with Mobile Devices

  1. Brand Name: Karls Tech KT3000
  2. Movable 3-Layer Picking & Sorting Cart, height: 1.39 m
  3. Tiltable Sorting Boxes, one 0.6mx0.4mx0.2m set, or two 0.3mx0.4mx0.2m sets on one level
  4. Max Load: 200 Kg
  5. Used with Smart Phone and mini Barcode Scanner for Article Identifying
  6. Communication via Bluetooth (between Mobile Phone and Scanner) and WiFi (between Mobile Phone and Server)
  7. Optional APPs for Application in Warehouse and Logistics

Hardware Options

  • Ring type Wearable Barcode Scanners
    • GS R1000BT-HP
    • GS R1000BT-Pro
    • GS R1500BT
    • GS R5000BT
    • GS R5000BT-MR
  • Glove Scanner: KT2000
  • Companion Barcode Scanners
    • M100BT-HP
    • M500BT-SE
  • Armbands
    • AB1000
    • AB2000
    • Irunme
  • Mobile Phone: AGM A9