Smart Picking/Sorting Cart with Mobile Devices

  1. Brand name: Karls Tech KT3000
  2. Movable 3-layer picking & sorting cart, height: 1.39 m
  3. Tiltable sorting boxes, one box in dimension 0.6mx0.4mx0.2m, or two boxes in dimension 0.3mx0.4mx0.2m on each level
  4. Max load: 200 Kg
  5. Used with smart mobile phone and mini barcode scanner for article identifying and sorting
  6. Communication via Bluetooth (mobile phone ~ scanner) and WiFi (mobile phone ~ server)
  7. Optional APPs

Hardware Options

  • Ring type wearable barcode scanners
    • GS R1000BT-HP, GS R1500BT, GS R5000BT, GS R5000BT-65Q
    • Postech FS02P
  • Glove scanner: KT2000, KT2010
  • Companion barcode scanners: M100BT-HP, M500BT-SE, MS3392-M
  • Armbands: AB1000, AB2000, Irunme, WT02S
  • Mobile phone: AGM A9
APP for picking and sorting based on Windows OS