Mobile Solution for Inventory

Successful inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan that will ensure that items are available when they are needed and keeping track of existing inventory and its use. It should be also integrated into the existing selling system and to allow the creation of summary for financial check and tax report. A general inventory management system with auto ID technology is available, dedicated for supermarket, storage and retailing shops, which can be used to make plans for sales forecasts, reporting to financial bureau and making strategy.


  • Product data management
  • Article classification
  • Inbound/outbound detection
  • Stocking status check
  • Report creation
  • Import/export
  • Limit setting and alarming

Hardware Option

  1. GS M100BT /M500BT/R1000BT barcode scanner with bluetooth, AB1000/AB2000 armband and AutoID Pad
  2. Rugged KT40 (or AutoID9) for industrial application


  • Good performance (hosting up to 50,000 articles)
  • Ergonomic and customized design
  • Mobile and handy solution
  • Flexible generation of user-defined reports
  • Wireless data acquisition
  • German/English language