How to Interpret the Name of a Postech Glove Scanner

Glove Name

  • BM01: glove accessory for GS02M;
  • BM02: glove accessory for GS02F;
  • BM03: glove accessory for GS02P

Auxiliary Features for Glove Accessory BM01-03

  • R: right hand (standard), L: left hand;
  • M: medium size (standard), L: large size;
  • F: full leather (standard), H: half (mixed) leather

Glove Scanner Name

  • GS01: 1D (not available) glove scanner;
  • GS02: 2D glove scanner

Auxiliary Name

  • GS02M: BM01 glove + MS3392 (2D) scanner;
  • GS02F: BM02 glove + FS02P (2D) scanner;
  • GS02P: BM03 glove + FS02P (2D) scanner

For example, the name of model BM01-RMH means that the glove accessory is used for GS02M scanner (MS3392M), right hand, medium (standard) size, half (mixed) leather material.