General Mobile Data Acquistion

  • Recording shots of current count / materials / spare parts
  • Storing individual shots neatly under Customer / Order / Date
  • Calculation of consumption figures / costs
  • Verification of stock information on site
  • Ordering materials / spare parts without delay
  • Creating Ablesebelegen / invoices on site
  • Creating reports by a mouse click
  • Collection static information from databases by configurable search criteria

Hardware support

  • Barcode scanner, PDA, Tablet, Printer, RFID, etc.
  • Interface: 1D/2D/Camera/RFID/WLan/Bluetooth/etc

Windows or Android based application

  • on-/offline
  • Add-on data acquisition modules in SQLite, Excel, Cloud Service
  • Add-on communication modules (Internet, USB, Bluetooth)
  • Add-on report modules
  • Technical documention